Spring Meadows/Woodland Hills Water Line Connection

The City of College Station plans to connect the Spring Meadows and Woodland Hills water lines to enhance the fire safety of both subdivisions.  Currently, each subdivision is separately connected to the main water line running along William D. Fitch.  Connecting the subdivisions allows them to draw water from each other in the event one becomes disconnected from the main line. 

The connection will be made under the existing emergency access path that runs between the two subdivisions.  This requires the existing concrete on the path to be removed/replaced, as well as a portion of that on the Spring Branch Ct. cul-de-sac and the Rocky Meadows/Woodland Ridge circle.

It is anticipated the work will commence sometime in  Q2 2019, and require about one month to complete.

Everything is to be replaced as is, once the work is completed.

The City project manager is Susan Monnat.

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